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These general terms and conditions are part of the contract between you, the client, and Esperanza Mercadal i Trobat, identification number (D.N.I.) 42996135-G, owner of Artaimmobilien and Mallorcaferienvermietung.

If you make a reservation, you assure that you are eligible and that you accept the terms and conditions of this contract in your name or in the name of third persons. Your contract with Mallorcaferienvermietung will be valid from the time of the confirmation of the reservation.
Your contract with us will conform to the Spanish law and complies with the applicable law.

The prices shown on our homepage are up to date and replace and/or replace any other price.
The prices may change during the year.
The rental price includes the corresponding IVA.
We kindly remind you to pay the deposit within one week after making the booking, normally up to a 20% of the total price. Payment arrangements are explicitly listed in each contract.

If you want to make any changes after your confirmation of the booking, for example, changing the departure day or changing the holiday home, please do consider that every change depends on availability and that we'll do our best to make your wishes come true. Please consider that in some cases we are not able to realize the changes.
Any request of change has to be made in written form by the person that made the reservation. In case that you want to change the holiday home we consider your first booking invalid and the charges of cancellation are the same as explained in the clause ìWhen you cancel your holiday.

When you cancel your already booked holiday, we kindly ask you to send us the cancellation in written form.
There are the following cancellation charges:
*More than 70 days before the arrival: 30% of the entire amount of your booking.
*From the 69th day to the 31st day before the arrival: 60% of the entire amount of your booking.
*From the 30th day to the 1st day before the arrival: 100% of the entire amount of your booking.

We reserve us the right to cancel your booking at any time. In the improbable case that we cancel your reservation for whatever reason, for example, the refurbishment of a holiday home, breakdown of the main supply unit, constructions in the neighborhood of the holiday home and so on, we will do our best to offer you alternative accommodation with similar conditions, as alternatives are available.
If the offered alternatives should not come up to your wishes we will make restitution of the deposited amount, which confirmed the booking. The acquisition of flight tickets, the rental of a car and any other reservation which hasnít been effected through www.mallorcaferienvermietung.com eludes the conditions from Mallorcaferienvermietung and in conclusion wonít be paid back.

In case of war, terrorism, revolt, natural or nuclear disaster, fires, severe weather conditions or any other unforeseeable circumstances, which will be considered as an act of nature beyond control, Mallorcaferienvermietung is not obligated to pay compensation when for these causes we have to cancel or change your booking

If you have any claims during your stay, please contact us immediately (0034) 971829731 (Monday to Friday, 09:00am to 02:00pm, except for holiday days). In emergency situations and out of the mentioned working hours you can call the following number: (0034) 616040272.
Only claims that you express during your stay will be recognized as valid.
In the case of technical problems (for example, no water) we will send you a repairman or an accredited person to resolve the problem. Please consider that having 24-hours guest-service does not mean having a 24-hours maintenance-service. All non-emergency-cases will be resolved as soon as possible.

The description and information of the real estate which appears on our homepage was written personally by our employees who have seen the real estates before. However, changes could have been made without our knowledge. In those cases weíll do our best to inform you as soon as possible about the changes.
You cannot hold us responsible for the irregularities of which we have no knowledge. In some areas there can be breakdowns of water and electricity, incidents for which you cannot hold us responsible, as they are beyond our control.

In the case of noisy constructions in the neighborhood of the rented property, the hirer is obligated to inform Mallorcaferienvermietung in consequence we will try to stop the constructions. If we are not able to do so and the noise of the constructions disturbs your holidays, Mallorcaferienvermietung will offer you an alternative holiday home, subject to availability.
As constructions are considered an act of nature beyond control and elude the responsibility of Mallorcaferienvermietung there will be no chance to get restitution.

Please consider that it will, in most cases, be necessary to have a car to get to our holiday houses.
Mallorcaferienvermietung is not responsible for the booking of a car.

Please make sure that the safety and security of your children is assured at all times by an adult, especially on balconies, close to swimming pools, on ladders and so on. Mallorcaferienvermietung cannot be held responsible in the case of accidents.

Mallorcaferienvermietung is not specialized in offering holiday residences to disabled travelers. Many of the residences are not suited to the needs of the disabled. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact us before making your reservation, so we can inform you of all the details of the residence to see if it suits your requirements.

In the case that you need a cot or a high chair during your stay, please indicate it in your reservation. This service will not be charged. Please consider that for hygiene reasons the cots will be delivered without bedclothes.

Gnats, mosquitoes, ants and other insects are endemic in the warmer areas, most notably on the countryside. Many of our holiday homes are enclosed by gardens. It can happen that you will meet farm animals in the neighborhood. Furthermore, there can be dogs and cats running free.

The kitchens have kitchen utensils, cutlery and dishes. You should make sure before booking if there is an oven, dishwasher, washing machine and so on.

Our cleaning service includes the preparation of the house on the day of your arrival and the weekly changes of the towels and bedclothes.
Please consider that there will not be any beach or pool towels. In consequence you have to bring them. We kindly ask our guests not to use the towels of the house at the beach or swimming pool.

Please ask for the arrival and departure times and discuss them with Mallorcaferienvermietung, as these vary from real estate to real estate.

It is your responsibility to have a valid passport for you and your fellow travelers. The same goes for your credit cards and any other documents you could need.

In the case that you or a fellow traveler is pregnant or suffers any diseases, we advise you to contact your doctor before travelling, as we are seriously interested in your health.
In case that you lose an object of value during your stay due to theft or similar, we advise you to contact the local police immediately and give notice of the theft.

The maintenance of our holiday homes falls to the responsibility of the owners and the responsible staff. The gardens should be maintained regularly. As this is impossible on days of guest changing, we kindly ask for your understanding. Normally, the maintenance of the swimming pools is done twice a week.
You should consider that the maintenance of the swimming pool and the gardens cannot be done just on appointed hours. We kindly ask you to co-operate if our staff visits your holiday home. In this way we can guarantee well-kept gardens for your enjoyments.

Almost all houses have a safe. If you want to make sure before that your house has one as well, please contact us before making your reservation.
We advise you to use the safes, as this means more security for your objects of value. This service (as available) is free, so in the case of theft no reclamations will be accepted.

When the description of a house says that there is SAT-TV available, this does not mean that there is also pay-TV.

Generally there are no telephones in the holiday houses. So we advise you to take a mobile phone for cases of emergency.

Most of our holiday homes are the property of private owners and are decorated as the owner wishes. Every house is decorated differently. We do our best to offer you a detailed description of the house, together with pictures from the interior and the exterior parts.

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